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Best Way To Get Your Carpet Repaired In Perth

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

These are a list of requirements I need from you to get you the best carpet repair possible.

So, your dog, cat, rabbit has chewed or scratched away at the carpet or you have left a hot iron or hair curler on the carpet these are the most common though there are many others.

First thing we always require a photo or photos of the repair, so it gives me a good indication of what to do.

Secondly, I need to know if you have any spare carpet of the same. It must be slightly bigger than the damaged piece.

Where do I get this piece from, I get asked daily?? Ok there is sometimes a mat or spare piece laying around, inside the sliding robes in bedrooms there is normally a piece of carpet on the floor or the back corner of a walk-in robe usually in the master bedroom.

Ok let’s presume it is an iron burn in the middle of a bedroom ,I cut a piece of carpet out slightly bigger than the iron burn ,I then use the spare piece cut it to fit and do a wonderful repair .

I have over 5 different Irons and seal all my joins and if not completely satisfied I do it again till I get it perfect as can be .Don’t always go for the cheapest quote and find out after vacuuming the patch is starting to fray or even comes up or looks ugly .

Hooray happy all good but one last thing ,there is a piece of carpet missing the size of your iron burn in the robe you can't leave it like that especially if you are renting and need to get your bond back .

What you need to do prior to my arrival is take a picture and a small snippet of the carpet ,take it from the back if the robe cut out a piece the size of a postage stamp and take that with you to any carpet store just google carpet shops in my area and they all sell mats small ones normally .50cm x.50 Cm $5.00 each and larger ones 1.20 cmx .69cm $10 each these are the carpet shops leftover discontinued carpet samples or they also sell carpet offcuts all stores are slightly different .NB also measure the whole robe just in case they may have an off cut to do the whole robe

Which is only slightly bigger than the mat and has a better result as no patching will be required in the robe.

Show the photo and your small postage stamp piece to the sales consultant and try to find the closest possible piece ,You may not be lucky in the first shop ,don’t become discouraged you will find something close I promise .Sometimes my clients end up with the exact same carpet and get the best result .

Please also provide me with your suburb and when you need this repair done by, some clients are happy to wait a week, month and some need it done tomorrow ,I always will do my best to accommodate

Remember you want to get your bond back so persevere and follow these instructions.

Carpet Man Perth has over 30 years’ experience in carpet mending, fully insured and carries mobile Eftpos and all major cards,

We work for a lot of the major real estate companies in Perth and will issue you with a Tax invoice on completion to show your real estate agent if you need to let them know.

Most real estate companies are usually fine if they see you have gone to a reputable carpet repair company in Perth to get your carpet repaired.

“The absolute best Carpet Repairs always go unnoticed ‘’

Thanks for reading and send photos to Ricky 0416430306 or info@carpetmanperth.com.au

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