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Carpet Flood Damage Repair

Carpet Stretching and Repair in Bayswater 18/05/2021

This customer. Had a problem with water damage. And a lot of the carpets had shrunk. And the seams in the carpet had split open.

Carpet man Perth was incredibly happy to do this job for the client, although it was very tricky. And the carpet had been quite damaged.

We lifted the carpet so that the old carpet could dry out properly prior. And then returned to the job at another date. Once the carpet had dried out, we stretched all the carpet. Re did the carpet seams and the job was absolutely left flawless. Much to the customer’s surprise as though he may have been up for new carpet.

This job Was tackled using two power stretching carpet devices. Stretching the carpet out and get all the ripples and undulations out of the carpet and completely relaying the carpet. Fully stretched and very, very tightly without any bumps left in the carpet.

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