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Updated: Mar 25, 2021

We are Perth’s special carpet repair service .


Carpet has been damaged by pets around the door frame this particular tenant was renting and needed to get their bond back and needed a successful invisible carpet repair so they called into Carpet man and this is what the Carpet man have done to the Carpet here is a detailed explanation of what we did in order to get this job looking as perfect as possible.

As you can see this carpet has been repaired invisible mending is what you need when trying to get back your bond.

We provide carpet repair services throughout Perth. For a solution to your visible seams, carpet stretching or any patch repair, our carpet repair specialist team can help you anywhere in Perth Metro. 0416430306 Our carpet repair Perth professionals are specialized in carpet repair, re-stretching, laying and installation, carpet seams, burns, waves, bubbles, fraying and patch repairs with over 30 years’ experience.

Perth's Leading patch Repair and invisible Mending Professionals 0416430306

We offer free quotes on carpet repairs repairing your carpet and making it look how it should be.

Have a look at the many types of repairs we can mend for you.

  • Burns from an Iron or hairdryer

  • Stains in carpet which cannot be cleaned by a carpet cleaner,

  • Carpets not installed correctly.

  • Pet damage to carpet, pets locked in behind a door want to scratch their way out often resulting in carpets all scratched and frayed in doorways.

  • Patching holes in carpets left by candle burns etc

  • Carpets that have bleach marks can be mended

Replacing a carpet is a costly affair and most of the time, your carpet can be repaired.

Our carpet patching specialists can repair the section of damaged carpet that occur from burns, tears, or rips. We remove the damaged piece of a carpet, and a matching piece of a similar carpet is hot glued on a new seaming tape, ensuring the design, nap or pile of the carpet is not compromised.

We can work around your furniture and fix your carpet 0416430306

Stair Carpet Repair Service

The individual treads on the stairs often wear out much faster and become loose because of pet scratching, poor installation, or scuffing the feet on the edge of the stair. No matter the reason, we use the spare carpet to reattach the detached ends or to replace the scratched and damaged area.

Joins or Seam repairs (Re-seaming) Service 0416430306

Are your carpet seams beginning to show a little more each day? If so, your fraying seams could be a result of poor installation, high-traffic area, direct light focus or age. A split seam can be a dangerous trip hazard and can also cause carpet de-lamination.

It is common to notice carpet joins splitting at the intersection joining it to the door. In such a case, we cut them first, trim the edges and apply seam sealer both sides, then stretch and re-seam the carpet to look new.

Carpet Burns Repairs

When a cigarette butt or other burns damage the part of a carpet, it creates a hole with stiff burnt carpet fibres on its sides. If only the tip of the carpet fibers is burned, we cut off the charred fibers, wipe the area with a non-concentrated detergent liquid and clean it with water.

The charred spot will not be visible when the carpet dries. If the damaged area is large, we replace the burned area with a new patch of carpet, ensuring the integrity of the carpet design is maintained. We cut out a small circle see on our website and invisibly insert a piece from your robe or mat you have spare we always manage to find a piece of carpet.

We can fix carpet indentations 0416430306

Carpet man Perth has the latest hot steamers to bring the indentations out and have it looking like new again.

The Difference By using a professional Carpet Repair Service in Perth as just using a Carpet Layer.

We have all the latest irons and tools to insert the smallest of pieces of carpet into the damaged section

All our carpet repairs are matched, and we always use a carpet seam sealer to make sure they do not fray.

All work is carried out by the owner operator using the highest-grade adhesives and tapes for your carpet repair.

All Repairs come with a warranty depending on the quality of the carpet normally 2 years minimum

Another invisible carpet repair by the carpet Man Perth .

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