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Vinyl Flooring Repairs

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Vinyl flooring comes in many forms In domestic homes the sheet vinyl was very popular and is still used today mainly for its ease of installation and not as expensive as the vinyl planks

Domestic vinyl is only usually 1.3mm -2mm thick it is very strong though can rip when moving appliances ie fridges etc .This can be repaired by intricately cuttinl out a piece dollowing the pattern and welding in a piece only if you have a spare piece

Vinyl Plank Repairs

Vinyl planks are usually 2mm and 5mm Thick we can replace sections where they are worn or damaged walls removed and new kitchen put in you will need spare ones to carry out the repairs .

vinyl planks can be repaired as they are laid in individual strips
vinyl plank herringbone install

Commercial Sheet Vinyl Repairs

commercial sheet vinyl is usually welded together and sometimes can come apart or walls get removed or kitchens in restaurants become worn out in sections .This is when you need a new piece welded in

As you can see there are many different types of vinyl floors and all can be repaired

Quite often when pulling up the existing floor it pulls up the screed underlayment

which quite often has to be patched .

we can carry out all types of vinyl flooring Repairs contact us for a free quote

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