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Updated: Mar 16, 2019

Carpet Repairs undertaken by Perth's premier carpet specialist

Carpet Repairs

Carpets often have accidents like paint spills,burn marks from irons or Pets

permanent markers ,worn sections ,#carpetrepairperth Now you can only have a small section cut out and invisibly repaired .

we must do at least 3-4 iron burns a week mainly caused by Tenn-ants ironing on the carpet and the iron being to hot leaving a permanent burn see picture below

We normally at the time of your inquiry into getting this repair carried out to first of all send us a photo of the repair and we will ask you if you have any spare carpet we can use to carry out the repair ,quite often we find that the robes with sliding doors have a piece of carpet laid in them and is often loose so it is easy to use and is perfect as it will match for the repair perfectly ,Usually when it is a tenant trying to get back there bond this is the best option .


Always keep any leftover pieces from your new carpet laying job for any repairs you may need at a later stage as this is all from the same roll of carpet and with the same dye batch which is perfect to carry out the repair.#repaircarpet #carpetmanperth

Happy Carpeting

There’s so much you can do within your carpet to make it look stunning. Get started now!

We can also recommend an excellent carpet cleaner for your project

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