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Carpet Re-Stretching Facts

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Carpet that becomes loose ,baggy rippled needs a power Re-Stretch Service

Why Re-Stretch your carpet

After a while sometimes months or years carpets often become what is pronounced in the industry as coming loose,carpet has rippled ,carpet has become baggy,carpet needs pulling tight,carpet needs a stretch etc.

How and why did it become baggy like this ?

What i have found after being in the carpet service industry for 30 plus years is several reasons.a

The carpet was not installed tight enough in the first place ,carpets are usually and often installed using only what is called in our industry as a knee kicker which is used to stretch the carpet by hitting a soft pad with your knee but often the rooms are to big for this or the carpet backing is very stiff or even with a lot of new carpets they no longer have a jute or hessian back as raw jute is becoming difficult for the manufacturers to obtain. Manufacturers have made alternative backings from paper or felt type materials which are often to soft and if you read most manufacturers installation guidelines they insist that the carpet be installed using a power stretcher machine as seen in the photos it is hydraulic and leaves the carpet tight as a drum. Unfortunately most carpet layers/installers only use a knee kicker as it is quicker,easier and faster than setting up a power stretcher and assembling all the poles together and adjusting them to make them the correct length and width of the room. #carpetpowerstretching takes more time and effort than knee kicking a carpet and it takes years of experience to know the correct tension and stretching close to joins and past doorways etc. Other reasons why carpets become rippled, baggy is over cleaning them ,carpet grippers lifting at edges,sliding heavy furniture across carpets ie pianos sofa beds,or high volume traffic. You will often see in commercial premises like schools,offices,airports carpet Tiles or broadloom carpet being used which is glued down to the sub-floor using adhesive recommended by the manufacturer unlike in domestic homes carpet is installed using carpet grippers and a soft underlay which is referred to as a tack less installation .

What is the Process involved in Re-Stretching a carpet

OK so you have now decided to get your carpet re-stretched whats involved ,#Restretching a carpet is basically #relaying a carpet and would be so much easier for the #carpetlayer if the room was empty and clear of furniture and would take a lot less time and obviously the quicker and easier for the carpet installer the less cost involved .Although quite often we find that people cannot move all the furniture out for various reasons ,elderly,single people

furniture built in room or an upstairs dwelling apartment etc .The Carpet Man Perth can call out prior and give you a free no obligation quote and advise you what to move and what can stay in the room at the time of #restretching and how we will tackle the job .

The carpet is stretched tight removing of all ripples and cutting the excess off and moving the furniture around .NB This is a good time to get your carpets cleaned after the #restretching #carpet has been done as the rooms are empty and you can get parts of the carpet cleaned that you normally would not be able to get to. A lot of my clients get this done at the same time and the end result is superb not only are your carpets now safe and stretched but also cleaned .We can recommend a great carpet cleaner who works close with us and can both fit in your job together to make the process easier for you the customer.

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What is the cost of Restretching a carpet in Perth


This depends on the size of the job ,where is the job,furniture involved etc.It is best to contact us with a few photos and sizes for an instant quote

Carpet Man Perth

Did you know that the Carpet Man Perth covers the whole of Perth Metro and can also go further into the country for additional costs for travel. #carpetstretchingwesternaustralia

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Re-Stretching a Loose carpet with pattern in Mullaloo Perth

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