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Carpet Man Perth a day in the carpet Repair trade

Today we headed out to our first job of the day doing carpet repairs.

Sky we have all our jobs in order, and everything is all organized for our three jobs today.

At our first job was in an old house in Wembley downs in a very leafy suburb of Perth.

the carpet had become very damaged in the doorways and was almost threadbare and was becoming extremely dangerous for the elderly lady who was in the house her family was worried about her tripping up on the carpet that was coming loose, customer found some spare carpets she had rolled up in the cupboards it was great we managed to take out the old worn carpet and insert the new pieces.

Obviously, the new pieces look a little bit lighter but given time they will wear in eventually.

The job was left clean and tidy, customer paid by Eftpos suburb Morley.

Carpet repairs in Morley by the carpet man Perth #0416430306

2nd Job carpet stretching in 2 x rooms Northbridge Perth.

2 of the bedrooms had become terribly loose with large bulging carpet where it was either stretch this carpet or what. Replace it??

Anyway, the customer had taken all the furniture out for us and set up the carpet power stretcher to get these creases right out of the carpet.

The carpet was left clean, tidy, and vacuumed and warranty card left.

3rd job carpet repair, Iron burn in the carpet in Perth

The client had accidently dropped her iron on the bedroom carpet and needed the bond back.

I carefully cut out the damaged piece with a piece from the robe.

The carpet was invisibly repaired using our latest irons from USA.

The job was left clean and tidy.

Carpet man Perth

Clean and tidy, prompt, easy payments mobile Eftpos, warranty on workmanship

Nice, friendly, and polite and do our absolute best to work accommodate with the client.

Carpet man Perth servicing Perth for specialist carpet repairs and carpet power stretching


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